Staying Fit & Healthy This Christmas

Staying Fit & Healthy This Christmas

With the festive period about to kick into gear, although it will be a little different this year with restrictions due to the current pandemic we wanted to do our bit for you this Christmas!

We have asked our network of coaches and influencers to help you navigate through the busy Christmas period with some top tips on how to stay fit and healthy whilst not overeating.

Reduce your calories 

for 2 days before Christmas day and after boxing by 30-50% keeping protein elevated to compensate for relaxing for 2 days SF Nutrition is the perfect partner for this - Tommy Owen

Utilise the time off work to increase N.E.A.T 

get out walking twice a day to stimulate metabolism - Tommy Owen

Increase your training frequency

In the week leading up to Christmas to elevate metabolic rate to help deal with the extra energy intake -Tommy Owen


Increase water intake and use electrolytes to rehydrate from the negative effects of alcohol. Ideally our BCAA's/Electrolyte blend - James Stark

Rest is good and essential for muscle building and recovery. 

Don’t feel guilty to put your feet up and enjoy being with loved ones, you’re still helping your goals! - Flic Jowett

You won't "lose gains"

It takes weeks not days for muscles to even begin to atrophy - James Hutchinson

Prioritise your workouts

Try to do them early in the morning while everyone else is still sleeping. This way you will also avoid remarks like “Oh, come on! It’s Christmas…

Plan to win

Make a plan to continue to exercise three times a week, for example with two weight sessions and one conditioning session, which give a realistic goal to aim for and allow you to keep your fitness levels at a consistent point so that you don't feel a huge struggle getting back to it after the Christmas period.

Fitness for the Whole Family

Think outside the box and see how you can get your family involved in your activity; think walks, ball games or even a home HIIT workout with the whole family - Adam Clayton

Most importantly

Be sure to enjoy the time with friends and family in what are very difficult times with the current pandemic.


Over and out,

Team SF


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