True Review - What are the Best Vegan Protein Powders?

True Review - What are the Best Vegan Protein Powders?

Are you struggling to find a vegan protein powder that doesn’t taste like your drinking from a puddle outside your gym door? Well look no further, I have some solutions for you – I have tried and tested a load of vegan protein powders, so I have done all the hard for you – no more buying bags of vegan protein to then chuck away because they taste vile!

A question I get very often – what is the best vegan protein? Taste, texture, mixing - the lot! With the vast number of vegan protein powders coming onto the market, it can be a challenge choosing one that tastes good and doesn’t have nasties in it.

Although I am not actually vegan, I do use vegan protein powders regularly because I believe that we should eat a variety of protein sources and seeing as us fitness fanatics tend to have protein powders most days to top up our protein consumption, I don’t like having Whey every day so I alternate a variety of proteins to have the most complete balanced diet possible.

Adding a scoop of protein to your smoothies can be very beneficial. It may keep you feeling fuller for longer, help maintain muscle mass and studies have suggested that having a protein rich meal (1 protein source per meal) may boost your metabolism and help burn more calories.

I do not suggest replacing shakes or protein powders with proper food, and I would never use it as a meal replacement but I do suggest you use it to top up your protein consumption if you feel you need to or are lacking in protein when training hard.

What I say to my clients is, watch out for hidden ingredients in protein powders. Many contain artificial sweeteners and sugars to make them taste better, when in reality you can get a protein powder that tastes just as good and sweet but is sweetened with natural sweetener and nothing artificial. I would steer clear of products containing Maltodextrin, Sucralose and Sucrose.

So how did the following proteins do with taste, texture, baking and mixing? I have rated them all out of 5. They are all natural, with no artificial flavours or sweeteners, all gluten free, dairy free and vegan.


Vegga Chocolate Protein

Taste: 4/5      Texture: 4/5     Mixing: 5/5     Baking: 3/5

This one really hits all the spots, it’s a fantastic tasting protein that is great on its own with water! I know this company have worked for years to perfect this vegan protein and they have certainly done a good job as I tasted it a few years ago and I didn’t go back, but after tasting it now I have to say it will go up there on the favourites list.


Pure Blend Co:

Taste: 3/5     Texture: 3/5     Mixing: 5/5     Baking: 5/5

All their protein is cold pressed, ensuring they do not denature the protein in any way and they literally put about 5 ingredients into the protein and it still tastes great, I find it a little grainy on its own, but mix it into a smoothie and its great! They do so many flavours, great for smoothies!


SF Nutriton - Be Vegan Range:

Taste: 5/5     Texture: 5/5     Mixing: 5/5     Baking: 4/5

This one I absolutely love! It is such a clean protein, tastes fantastic in all flavours! I love it so much I have grabbed you a discount code FUELMEKASIA15 (I don't get commission or anything, I just love it so asked for a discount for my clients). It is fantastic on it's own with water or made with hot water as a hot milkshake with almond milk or water.


Nutristrength pea protein, vanilla or coffee flavour:

Taste: 2/5     Texture: 2/5     Mixing: 4/5     Baking: 5/5

This one is fantastic for baking- it is a must for protein pancakes because of its thick consistency when mixing it with water or other ingredients, I found the taste and texture a little grainy and not as pleasant with water.


Free soul vegan chocolate (pea and hemp):

Taste: 4/5     Texture: 5/5     Mixing: 5/5     Baking: ?

I absolutely loved this protein powder, the texture is fantastic, it isn’t too thick when you mix it with water. I found it has really great ingredients with lots of added vitamins and the flavour was amazing! It tastes great with water! Certainly a favourite!


The protein works vegan protein chocolate flavour:

Taste: 3/5     Texture: 2/5     Mixing: 4/5     Baking: 3/5

I love the rich chocolaty taste of this protein, however, I do find it a little grainy when mixing it with water. Putting it in smoothies and making chocolate desserts with it is great because the chocolate flavour is so fantastic – but on it’s own with water is not my favourite. *note this one contains soya.


Nuzest vegan protein:

Taste: 4/5     Texture: 5/5     Mixing: 5/5     Baking: 5/5

I really like this protein, with no sweetener at all its just sweetened from fruit, its a fantastic option and tastes good too. Their premium blend tastes better however is very expensive.


Missfits nutrition – the multitasker mixed berry vegan protein:

Taste: 3-4/5     Texture: 4/5     Mixing: 4/5     Baking: 5/5

The mixed berry was nice, quite thick but nice. I recently had a chocolate one which I did not like at all so I would certainly stick to the mixed berry if your going for this one.  


Form nutrition - vegan protein (performance protein):

Taste: 4/5     Texture: 4/5     Mixing: 4/5     Baking: ? 

I really loved the texture and how well this protein mixed with water however I found the after taste far too sweet actually. 



So overall I would personally say my favourite taste wise with water is SF Nutrition, Nuzest and Veggie. 

I would also like to say that this is not a sponsored post – I am not sponsored by any protein brands, I just get a lot of people asking about the best vegan protein and know how much money and time goes into finding a good tasting vegan protein without offending the taste buds too much.

If you have one that is great that I haven’t listed please pop it in the comments with your feedback!

Hope you have found this useful, drop me a comment if you have any questions.

Kasia x

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