The SFN Show // Episode 2 // Alex Crockford

The SFN Show // Episode 2 // Alex Crockford


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Alex Crockford.

Who is Alex Crockford? 

Alex started out as a personal trainer but has always wanted to be a fitness model. Even as a teenager, he’d see those guys on the front of the magazine and think “how can I be that guy?” …and now he’s one of them! Since then, he has moved away from his personal training to find a way of reaching more than just one person at a time. Although he still loves personal training, and occasionally continues his one-to-one sessions, his real passion is to help as many people as he can. This gave him the idea to create the Crockfit brand which includes online programmes for worldwide usage.

Body image & transformations:

Alex suggests that not everybody wants a “short term transformation” because they don’t think they’re achievable, which turns people off. Every trainer knows that a lot of people are not able to maintain the lifestyle of a short term plan. With this in mind, Alex extended his 12-week programme process and has built a unique 1-year plan. It’s not personal training and it’s not online coaching, but it is a guide to show people through an interesting and structured programme for 1 year, which he’s currently on the edge of completing. Alex also knows that people are not able to install these good habits into their lifestyle in just 12 weeks and that some people prioritise the training side, others the nutrition side, which means they easily fall back into old habits. Sometimes it can take a whole 3 months to get just the nutrition side right before finding your way with the training, so it’s all about building that slow progress.

Reaching a goal and not being satisfied:

Everyone is guilty of it and even Alex himself has said that sometimes he looks in the mirror, and to some people may look amazing, but he isn’t fully satisfied with where he wants to be. Over the years of feeling that way, Alex is now finding goals in other areas such as performance, mental health, mobility and his functional day to day.  He knows that there are so many other factors to look at when it comes to body composition other than just “looking good”. For example; your internal health, nutrient intake, enough sleep & hydration etc. He can sometimes look back to those moments where he was the most ‘lean’ or ‘shredded’ he’s ever been and think that he wasn’t even very strong, or very functional. Now his goals have switched to wanting a bit of everything. He says “there’s no point in striving to look your best if internally and mentally, you are not at your best”.


This is an image from Alex’s Instagram where he has written in the caption: “I remember feeling like it wasn't good enough, and that I needed a few more weeks to achieve my best. Looking back now, to a physique which is 'better' than I currently have, I realise that the downside of doing what I do is that maybe I'll never be 100% happy with my body.”  

On the show, Federico asks: Which is the perfect pre-workout snack that works well for you? Do you use different pre-workout snacks for a strength training session, then HIIT or Crossfit?

Alex says that it changes for him depending on what he’s doing. Not on just the type of training session but the goals that he has and the time of day. More specifically for him, sometimes he’ll wake up and love doing a fasted training session. This is not necessarily because there’s science for and against it but because he enjoys it. He feels as though he is fuelled from the food from the day before and doesn’t believe its going to impact him having a good training session.

However, when it comes down to strength and performance, whether that be a competitive training session or event, he performs at his peak if he has had some fuel. This will consist of a balance of all 3 macros nutrients; carbohydrates, fats & protein. Something like protein porridge with almond butter where you’ve got all 3 macro nutrients is a good place to start. However, if Alex is having more of an endurance session and he’s not doing it fasted, he prefers having higher fats and higher protein rather than high carbs. But everybody’s bodies react differently and you have to see what works best for you.

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