The SFN Show // Episode 7 // Emma Walsh

The SFN Show // Episode 7 // Emma Walsh


Emma Walsh. 


KXU, London. 

Who is Emma Walsh?

Emma Walsh is a South-African fitness blogger, YouTuber and ex professional dancer. Her career as a professional singer, dancer and actress lasted for 18 years before she quit 2 years ago. Going from dancing every day for 8 hours to nothing, Emma started training to keep herself sane! 

Emma's Vlogging:

Emma is also a popular YouTube vlogger and posts car and lifestyle videos. Ever since she was a child, Emma has raced go-karts and watched Formula 1 with her Dad. In fact, her first ever YouTube video was of her getting her racing licence – something that she has always wanted to tick off her bucket list! Since starting her YouTube channel, she has driven lots of super-fast cars, including the Jaguar F-Type!

Personal Training:

As well as all of this, Emma has completed her level 2 certificate to become a personal trainer, meaning that she can teach group classes. Currently, Emma is looking to get her level 3 certificate too. She also used to be a brand ambassador for a fitness company where they would shoot fitness videos with her and she occasionally goes to fitness shoots.

Any tips in relation to building lean mass as a female?

Emma says to weight train! Too many females are scared of lifting weights and Emma says she was definitely one of them. She suggests to train 1-2 a week alongside HIIT or whatever else is in your routine. Diet is also a really important factor too.

Favourite protein recipe?

Emma loves her bog standard protein workout shakes but has started to create her own hot chocolate concoction using our Dark Chocolate Vegan protein. She starts by heating up some almond milk (but you can use normal milk!), mixes in some oats and protein powder then throws it all into a blender. She says it’s the perfect recipe to help you get to sleep!

A piece of advice that you would give your followers to keep a healthy lifestyle?

Exercise! Emma tries to do some form of exercise every day whether that be working out or just stretching.

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