Vegan Shreds

Vegan Shreds

Hi Guys,


The SFN team approached me with a transformation challenge to show how amazing their vegan range is. Having tried a huge range of vegan proteins before I already knew this was the best tasting, but now they also wanted to show how good the product was in every way.

The challenge set up was simple, 12 week timeline and starting with 4 protein meals a day, consisting of 2 scoops of protein, coconut milk, and a small selection of fruit and whipped into a pudding delight!

Eat chocolate pudding 4 times a day with one meal at night and lose weight? sounds good to me!

I occasionally mix it up and have it as a shake with half water, half coconut milk, half a banana and some ice.


It’s currently week 8 and I have lost 19lbs so far, retained muscle mass (we scan every other week to track progress accurately) and feel the best I’ve felt in my life. I’m training 5 days a week for football twice and still feel great. Not only has the protein and BCAA’s helped me retain as much muscle as I can during this cut.

I also still look forward to my shakes, I thought that it would get old after 4 times a day for a couple of weeks but I still look forward to them and it will be part of my day to day life after this challenge ends.


The Supergreens have kept me healthy and give me a good dose of greens in a quick shot, the Lean Boost helps get me up for a session on the days the deficit is kicking my ass!


This challenge has changed my life, I can’t thank SFN enough!


check out my youtube and instagram for more of the day to day of the Vegan Shreds challenge!




Check this space in 4 weeks to see the final result!



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