Miles Nazaire's Transformation

Miles Nazaire's Transformation

When I started this journey into the fitness world I really had no idea what I needed to do to reach my goals, but I knew that I wanted to make sure I understood what I had to do to, from food, drinks and protein. Not only did I want it o be healthy but also tasty!  

Best Protein Powder:

I then found sfnutrition, I was stuck trying to find the best protein powder that would help me along side my new diet for the added protein intake I needed. My friend then told me to try sf which to my surprise not only tasted amazing but was so different to any other protein powders I had tried. 
They not only offered a varied selection of flavours, but I also knew what I was putting in my body, I didn’t want to have dairy and I found it so hard to find a protein company that did a non dairy product. 

Vegan Protein: 

The fact that it was vegan and enabled me to still vary that extra protein needed was amazing to me as I’ve never believed in the whole vegan thing haha! 
I was eating so healthy that I needed a protein to match my diet. 
Talking to owner James about the product made me realise how much crap there is on the market that people buy in bulk which maybe in short term works but ruins your body in the long run. 
I now can’t imagine having any other protein but sf... I mean look at my results I think you can see why wouldn’t go to anyone else. I just would like to thank James stark for providing me with SF Nutrition until the end of my 12weeks and continuing a working but also a great friendship with himself and his company.
Miles x
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