Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cups

15 min Easy Serves 2



  1. Bring a pan of water almost to a boil and melt half the chocolate and coconut oil in a metal bowl over the top of the hot water (best way to not burn the choc) ⁣
  2. Grease medium-sized muffin tins with some coconut oil or oil spray  and pour melted choc mixture into the bottom of the tin and put in the freezer⁣
  3. While it freezes mix together your protein powder and peanut butter⁣.
  4. Melt the other half of choc/oil using the same method⁣
  5. Once  choc mix is frozen (about 20 -30 mins) evenly disperse the peanut butter mix on top of frozen choc and then pour melted choc on top and freeze for another 30 mins (add a sprinkle of pink salt on top!)
Fun fact: did you know that 70%- 100% dark chocolate has tons of health benefits because of the contains:
🍫 MAGNESIUM = regulates blood sugar =, boosts immunity, and helps ease menstrual pain.
🍫POLYPHENOLS= a powerful anti-oxidant
🍫PREBIOTIC= helps feed healthy gut flora in your digestive tract.
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