The SFN Show // Episode 15 // Keeping fit over 40 with Pete Geracimo

The SFN Show // Episode 15 // Keeping fit over 40 with Pete Geracimo


Pete Geracimo on 'Keeping fit over 40'.


KXU, London. 

Who is Pete Geracimo? 

With over 25 years’ experience in the fitness industry, Pete has always been somewhat of an athlete. He used to run competitively and has pretty much done every sport you can think of. He got into personal training because he needed to make money while training for triathlons, so he completed his PT courses as well as a soft tissue course and went on from there. 

Pete moved to Sydney where he lived for 8 years before moving to the UK and has been here for the last 11 years working in gyms, one to one PT sessions, boot camps, classes – he has done it all! 

Keeping Fit:

Fitness is something Pete loves to do and he particularly enjoys seeing people improve themselves, whether it’s getting stronger or losing weight. Seeing someone go from having a low self-esteem to transforming into a completely different person is only one of the perks he sees.

In this episode, Pete put the myths about exercising and keeping fit over 40 to rest. Being 46, he knows first-hand what is achievable and how to live a healthy, active lifestyle and keeping fit over 40.

The 4 myths:

  1. "It's inevitable to just get old and fat."
    WRONG! You won't get old and fat if you eat well and exercise properly.
  1. "Lifting weights is just for the young."
    NOT TRUE. It's actually so important to lift weights at an older age to keep your metabolic rate ticking over... and they don't have to be heavy to work!
  1. "It's dangerous to start an exercise programme when you're middle aged or older."
    SERIOUSLY? This is not true - exercise has no age limit. In fact, starting to exercise will only benefit you and help you in the long run.
  1. "No pain, no gain."
    COME ON. The last thing you want to feel is pain! Discomfort on the other hand shows you that you're pushing yourself to your limits, but pain only means that you're doing something wrong and you're at risk of an injury. 

How many times a week would you suggest to be active?

Pete says to be active everyday – this doesn’t necessarily mean lift weights or go to classes all the time but just be mobile! Go for a walk, go for a bike ride – just move!

Pete’s number 1 tip:

“Never let someone say you can’t do anything because you’re “too old”. If you’re physically able to do it, do it! Don’t let anybody tell you no!”

What is it you do every day to keep at your peak?

“Drink lots of water and always move. I’m always on his bike, take the stairs instead of the lift and always try to get a restful sleep.”

Thanks so much to Pete for his words of wisdom and if you’re over 40 reading this… It’s never too late to start! P.S. our protein powders are a great way to keeping you motivated - preview them here.

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