The SFN Show // Episode 10 // Vitamin D

The SFN Show // Episode 10 // Vitamin D


Kathryn Fielding, Nutritionist. 


KXU, London. 

Kathryn Fielding works in the marketing department at KXU as well as being a Yoga Instructor, but her main profession is as a nutritionist.

This Episode:

In this episode, Kathryn discusses Vitamin D, or “the sunshine vitamin” as some people like to call it.

There’s so much more to vitamin D than we think and you don’t just get it just from the sun. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble hormone that our bodies need for bone health, body health as well as acting as an anti-inflammatory. Our bodies need vitamin D and more than half of the UK population are deficient in it!

Here’s how you can increase your vitamin D:

1. From the sunshine

From October to April in the UK, we don’t get enough sun. And even during the summer months, you’d have to spend half an hour with your forearms and face in the sun a day.

2. Food

Try eating more cod liver oil, oily fish, salmon, sardines, mackerel and egg yolk. 

3. Supplements

If you do take a Vitamin D supplement, take it with a form of fat to increase the absorption rate. 

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